Frequently Asked Questions

How is DentalBanc different from traditional patient financing?

DentalBanc is a payment management company. We don’t offer 3rd-party financing. Instead, we manage your monthly payments including all patient follow-up regarding failed transactions and expired credit cards. There is no need to mail statements, provide coupon books, or make those awkward phone calls about missed payments.

How do I connect to the DentalBanc system?

DentalBanc is a web-based service. We are also integrated with leading practice management software packages for quick setup of accounts.

Can payments be made online?

Yes. DentalBanc can process online payments and deposit the funds into your account. Contact us to find out more about your online options!

What if I don’t want to use all of the services offered by DentalBanc?

All of DentalBanc’s services are à la carte. You decide which services best suit your practice, and we help you implement them into your office procedures.

What Practice Management Software Systems work with OrthoBanc?

DentalBanc is integrated with leading practice management software companies for simplified data entry and automated payment posting. Click here for a complete listing of integration partners.

How does DentalBanc transfer the funds it collects to my office?

DentalBanc uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to electronically transfer funds to your account.

Does DentalBanc collect insurance?

No – we do not collect insurance. If you set up a payment plan through DentalBanc, you can do a balance increase or decrease anytime based on insurance adjustments.

What are the monthly fees?

Our payment management has no monthly fees. There are no monthly minimums, and pre-purchased volume discounts are available. Contact DentalBanc for a complete list of fees.

What are your credit card fees?

DentalBanc has negotiated competitive rates based on our large volume of monthly credit card transactions. Our rates are set – you don’t pay more for miles cards, rewards cards, etc. Contact DentalBanc to learn more about our credit card rates.

Do I need to purchase equipment?

No. There is no software to buy or additional equipment needed for our payment management service. Accounts are set up directly from our website or your integrated software system.

Will DentalBanc train my office?

Yes! DentalBanc provides comprehensive training on how to use our services. This includes presentation skills training for your staff to ensure the best management of all your monthly payments.